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23 March 2009


This walking tour was not about me, but it was personal.

Using the images that I took over spring break of various shops, thrift stores and other buying places, I found coincidental groupings of images. I twisted the images into fitting into various personas -- the rich person living in Dupont Circle, the poor one in Columbia Heights, and the paranoid one near Galludet University. In the end though, everyone likes buying things.

15 March 2009

This person likes to buy things.

I live in Dupont Circle.

I am a colorful urban planner.

I will buy these because they're colorful.

I will furnish my colorful apartment suite.

This person wants to buy things.

I live in Columbia Heights.

I go to the thrift store to get my threads.

I bought this for $12.90. Good thing the sales associate didn't know what Comme des Garcons was.

I won these easily on eBay.

This person buys things for protection.

I live near Galludet.

The only place where I could find a harness was a sex shop.

My dog wears leopard print for camouflage.

This sign would be good for my house.

They won't be back.